A Little Fatherly Advice

This year for Father's Day we thought it would be nice to get some insight from our pastor on fatherhood. As a father of four, here is what he had to say.

1. How has fatherhood changed your outlook on life?

Fatherhood has a way of changing your thoughts on just about everything. As far as the changes it made to my outlook on life, I would say mostly realizing that the life that you live isn’t all about you. Being married causes you to desire to protect your wife, and make sure that you are helping to make her life complete. But having kids causes you to have concerns that you wouldn’t naturally have if it weren’t for being a father. From the time they are born, you go from being afraid of hurting them because they are so tiny, to watching them grow up and realizing that you are responsible for teaching them responsibilities. The best fathers, in my opinion, are those that grasp what it means to be a father, and consistently work at being better at it.

2. What mistakes have you made that you wouldn't want your children to make with their kids?

I have made a lot of mistakes, but I feel like many of the mistakes have taught me good lessons in life. The biggest mistake I wouldn’t want my kids to make is being hesitant towards serving God whole heartedly. I got saved as a young adult, but I didn’t really understand the importance of putting Him first. Jesus is not just my Savior, He is my Lord. There’s a big difference, and I hope that our kids and grandkids come to that realization sooner rather than later!

3.What advice do you have for other dads?

Besides being married to the love of my life, having kids and grandkids is the greatest gift that God could give a man. My advice to other fathers is this: Appreciate the gift that God has given you. Be thankful to Him for the blessing of children in your life. Ask him for help to be the father that He wants you to be. Fatherhood isn’t easy, but with God’s help, you can be the best father for your kids and grandkids!

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